Friday, December 09, 2005

Star Pimp

Star Pimp was one of those early 90's bands that was well ahead of its time, and very under-appreciated. I saw them at Hollywood Alley, and I remember thinking how odd they were, with the weird high pitched guitar parts, and the sort of sloppy drumming, with the geeky singer girl. It would be very hip right now, but in '94, it was just very strange! Of course, I became an immediate fan, and have been one ever since, even though they broke up years ago. Anyway, having said all that, check out this track from their final album, on KillRockStars: Blood On The Mountain. In my opinion, Seraphim 280Z was their best album, oddly it was there middle release! Also, check out Kill Rock Stars, they have lots fo really cool stuff...

I know, it's crazy, but you can get their stuff on, of all places, Amazon! Star Pimp on Or download it: Star Pimp - Seraphim280Z on iTunes