Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil

Jawbreaker was one of my favorite bands of the early 90's. After they signed with Geffen, though, they broke up, and their major label debut was shelved. It is soon to be available again, on Blackball Records, which is run by Adam Pfahler, formerly of Jawbreaker. Check out the samples on this page, and you can get a feel for their stuff. You can hear a few more here: Midheaven.com.
While Jawbreaker broke up in '96, Blake (the singer/guitarist) went on to form another great band, Jets to Brazil. While I think some of their stuff is a tad derivative, it's still well made and fun to listen to: You're Having The Time Of My Life. Of course, the intro sounds just like the Eurythmics, but hey, after that it's pretty good! Not quite as raw as Jawbreaker, though...

Check out more Jawbreaker here: Jawbreaker on Amazon.com

And Jets to Brazil here: Jets To Brazil on Amazon.com

Lightning Bolt

Another one of those crazy noise bands, these guys are interesting, and have oddly been the sweethearts of the indie scene lately. My friend Larry first told me about them, and I must say, they are addictive, if you like your rock raw, and slightly schizophrenic! Here's a song to give a taste: Dracula Mountain. And another: 13 Monsters. Be sure to listen to the whole thing, or you'll miss the best parts! Check out their site at : LaserBeast.com.

More of their fancy noise: Lightning Bolt on Amazon.com