Sunday, August 28, 2005

Point Line Plane

Point Line Plane is a band that I first heard at Emerald Lounge one night, when I was with my friend Larry. We walked in and heard this cacophony of sound coming from the stage (which is sort of around the corner from the bar.)
We walked back and found this insane noise was coming from just two guys, one playing a traditional drumset, the other a synth with a goodly amount of distortion. They are from Portland, and released their most recent album on Skin Graft Records. They added a second synth player, which you can hear on the newer material. Check out D.R.U.G., from their latest release.

According to their MySpace page, the second synth player left, hopefully we'll be hearing more from them soon!

You can check out more of their stuff here: Point Line Plane on

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